Explanation guide to how BogDanOffKiller.Finance works:

BogDanoffKiller.Finance Explanation Guide / Intro.
BogDanoffKiller.Finance : A dual tokenomics dApp made to only moon and go up.
BogDenomics: BogDanoff 1: BogDanoff 1 is a simple one. 3 percent goes to liquidity. 1 percent gets reflected amongst holders. 1 percent gets burned. 10 percent gets redistributed to all holders. in CAKES.(15 percent tax in total)
Bogdanoff 2: Now this is where it gets interesting. The buy tax is the same as bogdanoff 1(15 percent same tokenomics). But the sell tax is 49 percent. 44 percent gets redistributed to the holders in CAKES. 5 percent will be returned to the bogdanoff-team in native tokens. And those tokens will be later sold at a 49 % tax to reward the holders (If the holders are ok with it, otherwise we will not do it). The rest will probably also be given to the holders. Can have a community vote on what to do. Or on what token they want it to be distributed in. Either that or used for marketing. We shall see.
There will also be a functionality embedded into the BogDanoffKiller.Finance dApp: A honeypot system that can be turned on and off. We call it BogdanOff/BogDanOn (get it? lol) Anyways, the BogDanOn system will be activated when we do extremely heavy marketing, to preserve the pumps. Some examples: CMC. BTOK. Paid promotions. Massive hype. And the list goes on. Or let us say it will be a hyped launch. BogDanOn will be turned on. And after the last pump it will be turned off and Bogdanoff 2 will activate. So you can pick to either sell short term or go for the long term. Etc. Or famous youtubers. When we expect big pumps basically. Once the pumps are preserved, BogDanOn will be BogDanOffed. But since alot of people will make extreme amount of gains, The BogDanOff 2 Tokenomics will be activated. So Let us say someone does a 100X-50X and wants out, atleast half of that will stay within the ecosystem. Rewarding the holders. There will also be 20+ projects announced one after another. BogDanoff-themed ofcourse. Once the launch is succesful, there will be specific details revealed and announced. Each project very unique and designed in a manner where all holders benefit. So stay tuned. Even if you do not invest. You will not want to miss this crazy series we will release! Building a gigantic EcoSystem- One step at a time.
Total supply : 100 Million Bogged.
50 percent will be allocated to multiple launchpads. 40 percent will be in liquidity. 10 percent wil be kept to reward all holders strategically without a manner where they are hurt. Vested, 3.3 % monthly. (Think 100K sell at 10 million on Bogdenomics: BogDanoff 2) That means 48K goes back to the holders, both short and long term. And the 50K sold in bogged will probably be airdropped to the holders. Either that or go to marketing. But most likely airdropped. The community can decide. Maybe pick a token they want. Either that or we just burn all the tokens to be honest. Will let the community decide.
Softcap will be 250 bnbs. Hardcap 500 bnbs.
MAJOR UPDATES!!! : We have decided to make bogdanoffkiller.finance decentralized. Which means no 3rd party will be able to change the contract anymore. How it would work: BogDanOff 1 / BogDanOff 2 tokenomics will be able to be activated through the dApp. We'd simply use 1 bogged token to make a transaction, and pick either bogdanoff 1 or 2 tokenomics. Same thing with the BogDanOff/BogDanOn-Honeypot system. We'd use 1 bogged token to activate or switch it off. While voting is active, the honeypot-system will automatically be activated for 2 hours maximum. Until a decision has been made. And the last update: How long the honeypot system should be active for. From 0-24 hours. Let's say we make a transaction and pick 10 hours, and for whatever reason we would need to de-activate it. We'd simply make another transaction and put in "0" and that way the system would reset. Only the team can vote on this system. And it is to ensure that no changes can or could be made to the contract.
For more information visit the website: BogDanoffKiller.Finance
For any questions please visit our telegram at: https://t.me/BogDanoffKillerFinance​
We will always be active on the telegram. 24-7.
WARNING: We will NEVER DM FIRST. Please be careful of scammers. No one from the team will ever dm first. Our only Social medias will be telegram and twitter. Nothing else!!
The Projects twitter where we will regularly update progress and everything that is going on: https://twitter.com/FinanceBog​
One last thing: Why the BogDanOn/BogDanOff system? First of all, most projects struggle to moon. why? Because people sell the pumps. Dumping it back down. If you can freeze the sell-offs, what is there left on your way to an extremely high market cap? GME (GameStop) did this, but in reverse. The scumbags at RobinHood Stopped/halted trading, in turn ending the short squeeze. But here, nothing can stop it. No matter what. They stopped the buyings. We're stopping the selling. (Reversed) , No sells = Extremely high market cap. Very easily. Which in turn will benefit ALL holders. Yes. All of them. not just one. The ones who want out have to pay an extreme tax on their profits. The ones staying in will get free CAKES. No one can dump the pumps when BogDanOn is activated. And that is why i think this project has the potential to reach one billion. Or at the very minimum 100M mcap +
--- Wex did amazing first week of launch(Wault.Finance). Price went from about 0.002 to 0.4 i think. But then dumped back to 0.08. Why? because people were selling like lunatics. Now imagine if you could of frozen the sell-offs. Just for a little bit. Wex would probably be up there competing with pancakeswap right about now. And this pattern has shown true to all other cypto projects. Another example would be Uncle Doge. I believe it did a 40X the first few days. But it got dumped so bad it struggled to get back even 1/3 of those gains. And the list just goes on. --- Minor updates: Blacklisted the team taxonomics. So they do not accumulate or siphon any of the rewards for the team.
--- Team tokens will now be vested. 1.5 % monthly. (Changed from 3.3%)
--- Updated tokenomics: Instead of saving for the future, we will just reward holders instantly. So there is no need to think long term. This is to ensure all investors get maximum rewards as fast as possible. So there will no longer be waiting. Instead we will give them the vested team token rewards also. To ensure maximum profit as soon as possible.
--- Another update: Team will not have any tokens except for the team tokens that are vested monthly. This is to ensure all investors gain maximum profit and at the same time ease everyone's minds. Good intentions or not, if you own a big chunk of the supply, that is not good. So that is what lead to this decision.
------ Update: Added BogDanOff V.I.P tickets for 10 bnbs each. The holder of this ticket will recieve 0.1 % of all transactions in CAKE. --- CLOSED.
----- Reduced the amount of team tokens drastically. from 10% to 5%.
----- Changed the rewards from BUSD + BNBS to CAKE.
----- Decided no more team tokens anymore. They will be sold instead. At a seed-sale rate.
------ set so 20K+ tokens get CAKE rewards only.
------- Reduced normal allocations drastically And upgraded other allocations.
------- Adding our own DEX to the website, routered through pcs. This is to ensure that all transactions work properly during high volume. Since Bogged 2 has a very high tax. All transactions should work properly with this feature.
-------- Testing so the cake reflections still get distributed while BogDanOn mode is activated
-------- Adding a front-end to the dApp-section on the website. So we can make the project Decentralized. Instead of centralized. + A DASHBOARD WHERE YOU CAN SEE ALL YOUR REWARDS
---------- Changed the marketing tax to 5 % from 1 %, the cake rewards from 48 % to 44 %
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